Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Review: Easton's Everything by Amy Gregory

Easton's Everything by Amy Gregory
(Finding Perfect #6)
November 17, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Standalone; companion series
Contains: Some sex
Source: eARC for Honest review

Easton Montgomery demands control and order. He’s purposely kept to himself, no strings and no nonsense. Preferring to be in charge of his destiny, keeping his life neat and tidy, all wrapped up. Life is perfect, until the bow comes undone and his world completely unravels.

Jessica Pierce left Denver years ago with nothing more than her clothes and a need for a brand new beginning. After planting roots where her car broke down, life was good for a while. Then the ranch owner who helped her rebuild her life threw her a curve ball. Now she’s the new girl in Renlend, Kansas on the Montgomery’s ranch, and their son Easton is a constant source of frustration and distraction. Getting her hands around the veterinarian’s neck and squeezing, looks better by the day.

After a week of stepping around each other, dodging barbed comments, and Jessica’s smart mouth, Easton realizes she’s got more fire than any other woman he’s met. Suddenly Easton wonders if this curvy, blonde spitfire might just be the challenge he’s been waiting for.

It's been a while since I've read an Amy Gregory book, and 'Easton's Eveything' reminded me why I enjoy her books so much. There's a combination of kindhearted characters, small town feelings, heartfelt circumstances, and sweet romance. Plus, this time around we get a deep love for animals, which added a beautiful layer to not only the story, but to the characters themselves.

I loved getting to know Easton and Jessica throughout this story. There was something very satisfying about the fact that different circumstances brought them to the farm, and yet living on the farm brought them together. They have personal reasons why they have shied away from relationships, and yet they find a kindred spirit in the other. But this is not a quick romance. There is a lovely build up that felt honest. In addition to their singular chemistry, the elements of family importance, animal respect, honoring others, and genuine integrity gave this story a great fullness. Add in a bevy of likable secondary characters and you get a well-rounded and endearing romantic tale.

The main thing that kept this from being a higher rating was an awkwardness with some of the writing and terminology around Easton being "controlling." I know controlling alpha males are a thing, but in this situation it felt forced. Or maybe I felt the wrong word was being used. When Easton wanted control, to me the way it was described was that he really wanted Jessica's trust and faith, perhaps unconditional trust. This term discrepancy is a minor issue, but it did make some moments awkward for me. Otherwise, I loved Easton and Jessica together, and truly enjoyed their journey.

3.5 to 4 Stars

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