Thursday, February 4, 2016

Review: Three Promises by Lily Everett

Three Promises by Lily Everett
(The Billionaire Bachelors)
February 2, 2016
320 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Contains: Sexual references (not explicit)
Source: eARC for Honest review

They're single, they're rich, and now these billionaire bachelors are heading to Sanctuary Island, where love awaits.

Leo, Zane, and Cooper made a pact to stay bachelors and enjoy the single life forever, and when they receive an invitation to their friend Miles' wedding, they head down to Sanctuary Island determined to talk some sense into the errant groom before he makes a life-changing mistake. But Miles knows his own mind, and he makes a vow of his own: before he walks down the aisle, he'll have Leo, Zane, and Cooper changing their tune about matrimony. Because Miles knows, better than anyone, that all it takes is a little Sanctuary Island magic to turn romantic cynics into true believers.

This is a collection of three novellas taking place on Sanctuary Island, written in the same time frame, and that compliment each other. These stories were previously published individually, but now they are in one collection. Plus, this collection has a brief introduction in the beginning, setting up the trio of love stories, and a short epilogue at the end wrapping up this love fest. This collection was great for me, as I had not read any of these stories before, so this was the perfect format to have them all in one place.

The Fireside Inn
I found this to be a surprisingly thoughtful and touching story. Leo, billionaire son of a Duke, has been requested to do a reading at his friend Miles' wedding, which leads him to seeking the assistance of the local librarian, who happens to be sweet Serena. What starts as a simple request for help turns into a simple love affair that turns into something much more complicated. As hearts are changed, the deep secret Leo holds tightly to eventually must come out, and it's up to Serena if she will be able to cope with heartbeak, or break down and see what's sitting right in front of her. I really enjoyed this story. I was moved by Leo's current predicament, his loveless upbringing, and his hollow childhood. He was charming and suave, but layered with insecurity and self-deprication. I loved how he was finally able to open up. Serena was such a delight to read. Her enthusiasm as a librarian was contagious. Her passion and tenderness was fun. And the way she and Leo finally broke down each other's barriers was wonderful. They were a lovely match for each other and just the compliment the other needed.

Bonfire Beach
Zane and Felicity are tasked with the planning and prepping of Miles' wedding reception. This might be an easy task if they didn't have such glaringly different opinions. But the real issue was Zane's heartbreaking past, and the catalyst for how his life has gone ever since. This was a touching story of two opposites coming together and finding so very much in common. Two walls coming down. And two hearts finally opening up to the possibility of love and future with someone else. Zane a Felicity were very sweet, and what a great couple they made.

Lantern Lake
Cooper and Vivian's story was a real kicker. In this story, we don't get two strangers. We get two broken hearts with a history with one another. Two soulmates who've been apart for far too long. Two people who've had a lot happen in the between years, a lot of growing up, a lot of finding themselves. And in this second chance love story, we find out how deep that love was and what lengths they'll go to in order to understand one another, forgive one another, and see if there is enough left between them to finally get their happy ever after. Cooper and Vivian's story was a great end to this trio of love.

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