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Novella Review: Finally Finding Faith by Tammy Falkner

Finally Finding Faith by Tammy Falkner
(The Reed Brothers #3.5)
January 12, 2014
70 pages
Genre: New Adult Romance 18+
Contains: strong language, sex
Source: eARC for Honest review

*** This is not a full length book. It's 23,000 words. *** 

"You'll find Faith in the clock shop," Peter Reed says.

"Faith? I don't believe in faith or God or predestination or any of that bullshit anymore. I believe in what I can see."

Daniel has a list of things he wants to do before the clock strikes twelve on December 31st.

1. Get a tattoo
2. Ride a horse-drawn carriage in the snow
3. See a Broadway play
4. Buy hot chestnuts from a street vendor
5. Eat a one-pound burger at Rocko’s
6. Drink hot chocolate on a bench in the park
7. Fix my watch

Daniel's watch stopped working when he lost all his men, his leg, and his hope in Afghanistan. A chance encounter at Reed's Tattoo Parlor leads him to Faith, a redhead with the prettiest green eyes he's ever seen.

Daniel intends to meet his deadline before the clock strikes midnight, and Faith sets out to help him. But she is goodness and light, and he’s not ready to let her warmth shine on him.

Faith takes care of her aging grandmother and knows how precious life is. But can she help Daniel realize it before it's too late? She has less than twenty-four hours.

Tick tock. Tick tock.
'Finally Finding Faith' is a beautifully touching novella about finding enough faith to not give up and grasp onto enough hope to pull through and carry on. And in the process, finding a lot of love.

Daniel is a wounded veteran who is at the edge of a crossroads, his depression PTSD too much for him to carry. Faith has had her own history of heartache and loneliness. When fate brings them together in Faith's grandfather's clock shop, they see something special in the other and a connection is formed. But will that connection be enough to give Daniel the faith and hope he needs?

Falkner's beautiful story of Daniel and Faith pulled me right in, touching my heart, and giving me a brief but important glimpse into the struggles of some vets, as well as the power of hope and healing and love. This is a short story, but another gem in The Reed Brothers series.

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