Monday, June 23, 2014

(Adult) Novella Review: Legally Wed by N.M. Silber

Legally Wed (A Lawyers in Love Novella)
Legally Wed by N.M. Silber
(Lawyers in Love Novella)
June 21, 2014
Mendelssohn Levy Publishing
Genre: Erotic Romantic Comedy 18+
(Contains: explicit sex, mature language)
Source: eARC from publisher for Honest review
Book Synopsis:
Once upon a time childhood enemies grew up and fell in love ... and got engaged? Uh oh, this should be interesting ...

Adam Roth and Lily Adler have survived nutty neighbors, cow pajamas, mobsters and "the diaper incident." They have learned to live, love, and work together in harmony. Most of the time. Now with the promise of marital bliss on the horizon, they will need to tackle even bigger challenges, like Lily's anxiety-fueled libido, Adam's increasing exhaustion, two Jewish mothers and an eccentric wedding planner named Mr. Jonathan. Will everyone make it to the wedding alive?
My Review:

First, you need to read Legal Briefs before Legally Wed, which is Adam and Lily's story prior to their engagement. I absolutely loved Legal Briefs (see my review). Adam and Lily are so fun and so sexy and so brilliant together, that I instantly fell in love with them. So if you haven't had a chance to meet Adam and Lily, grab Legal Briefs and then dive into Legally Wed.

Legally Wed picks up right where Legal Briefs left off - the storyline, the banter, the sexual shenanigans, the humor... all of it. Then add to that a big heaping dose of wedding planning craziness. I loved watching Adam and Lily fall in love before. And in the case of this novella, I loved watching their love be taken higher, taking it up another notch. There is this loveliness about their relationship, because although it is new in one respect, it is also familiar considering their history. So here we see the icing on the cake of how they are able to blend their love and attraction for each other with their history of childhood hurts and conflict. The result is a beautiful couple who is funny, sexy, considerate, feisty, lovable, and incredibly endearing, as well as mature enough to take their love and their trust in one another to a whole new level. And then there's the wedding! I loved it! Add to this N.M. Silber's writing of quick-witted humor and banter, awkward situations, family fiascos, and huge dose of sexual pizazz and reading more of Adam and Lily's story was a wonderful treat.

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