Friday, March 13, 2015

Novella Review: Winning Appeal by N.M. Silber

Winning Appeal by N.M. Silber
(Lawyers in Love #4)
November 24, 2014
153 pages
Genre: Adult Contemporary 18+
Contains: explicit sex and language
Source: Personal purchase

Once upon a time, a good girl who wanted to be naughty, met a naughty boy who wanted to be good...

Beth Pierce, is the Director of Fundraising for her older brother's new legal non-profit. She spends her weekends fighting off lecherous men at charity galas and her weekdays trying to hide her attraction for a certain sexy young attorney in her office.

Mark Patterson, is the object of Beth's desire. He spends his weekends having casual encounters with women and his weekdays trying not to think about how gorgeous, smart, and sexy Beth is. Because not only is Beth his colleague, she's the younger sister of one of his closest friends.

When Mark is assigned to escort Beth to those weekend galas, they both quickly realize that things could get very interesting. Will Beth be as naughty as she would like to be? Can Mark be as good as he wants to be? Even if they give in to their desire for each other, how can they risk romance when so much is at stake?

Mark and Beth have been avoiding the attraction they've had toward one another for a while now, despite the fact that it's glaringly apparent to everyone around them. But when the opportunity presents itself for Mark to escort Beth to the galas she has to frequent, the walls between Mark and Beth finally come down, and a sweet and sexy romance ensues.

Winning Appeal was a quick, enjoyable read in the spirit of the rest of the books in Silber's series. I did enjoy getting to know Mark and Beth, or at least what we did get to know of them. This time around the romance and connection felt rushed. I would have loved more depth and detail. I also kinda wished it wasn't dual POV. Some of the anticipation and mystery was missing. But Beth and Mark were still a fun couple, with a great honesty and openness about them, and the maturity to accept each other's pasts and delve into the future relatively drama-free.

Along with this new romance is a bit of mystery-solving, reminiscent of the first two books in the series. I got a kick out of the gang being together, back to their sneaky selves, and the wonderful camaraderie between them. I genuinely like these characters and enjoy Silber's witty writing and mix of fun and sexy. This time around was a nice read, there were just too many things missing to make it a great read. But I'm still looking forward to more in this series.


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