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Review: The Game Changer by J Sterling

The Game Changer (The Perfect Game, #2)
The Game Changer by J. Sterling
(The Perfect Game #2)
June 25, 2013
322 pages
Genre: New Adult Romance 18+
Contains: sex and strong language
Source: Personal purchase

Jack appeared at my door last night after six months of no communication wearing a Mets jersey and holding a dozen red roses. He told me he was sorry, that he loved me, and that he would earn my trust again. It took everything in me to not fall apart at the mere sight of him. I wanted to take him back into my life, but I needed to know that this time it would be forever…

In J. Sterling’s highly anticipated follow-up to her USA Today bestselling novel The Perfect Game, Jack and Cassie quickly realize that their new lifestyle can often be cruel and unforgiving. Their happiness is put to the test as the past is never truly far behind.

How do you stay together when the world's trying to tear you apart?

I'm so glad I finally got back to Jack and Cassie. (It's been almost two years since I read their first book.) Not one to generally read stories with cheating in them (because cheating is a deal-breaker for me), let alone like them, I really liked 'The Perfect Game' and how Sterling brought Jack and Cassie's relationship back together. And in the end, I didn't feel like anything was missing from their story (except, of course, wanting to simply read more about them in general). But I was wrong. 'The Game Changer' really did fill in all the missing pieces and then gave me more to Jack and Cassie than I imagined. So happy I read this!

First, we get the backstory to what Jack was up to all those months he was out of touch with Cassie after she moved to New York. Reliving their reunion and the way Sterling balanced present and past was worth the read in itself. It gave that touch more perspective I think anyone who loved Jack and Cassie, yet hurt for the mess Jack made, needed to read. I was ready to root for their future all over again.

Then, we get into Cassie's transition to being the girlfriend of a famous baseball player. This was a huge wake up call for Cassie, and for Jack when Cassie was open about her feelings. With this transition, we feel all the hard work that goes into this type of celebrity relationship. At one point, when Cassie was in the stadium and the fans were none-too-kind to her, I could feel everything she was feeling and just wanted to cry my frustrations for her. It was like I was there with her, and boy did that hurt, but it brought her situation to life all the same. Now, the drama here is not quite as intense as in 'The Perfect Game,' but Jack and Cassie still have things to deal with and work through to prove to themselves and each other that this relationship is the utmost priority to them. Thank goodness, true love shines through!

Overall, I was so happy to get this piece of Jack and Cassie's story. I felt like Sterling really conveyed the intensity of new celebrity and relationship. Yet she also portrayed how love can conquer all when two hearts are willing to put in the work, the faith, and the commitment. This is a wonderful read for fans of Jack and Cassie!

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