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Book Review: The Perfect Game

The Perfect Game (The Perfect Game, #1)
The Perfect Game by J. Sterling
October 11, 2012
386 pages
Source: Personal ebook purchase
Genre: New Adult
(contains strong language, sexual situations and references)

Goodreads Summary:
He's a game she never intended to play.
And she's the game changer he never knew he needed.

The Perfect Game tells the story of college juniors, Cassie Andrews & Jack Carter. When Cassie meets rising baseball hopeful Jack, she is determined to steer clear of him and his typical cocky attitude. But Jack has other things on his mind... like getting Cassie to give him the time of day.

They're both damaged, filled with mistrust and guarded before they find one another (and themselves) in this emotional journey about love and forgiveness. Strap yourselves for a ride that will not only break your heart, but put it back together.

Sometimes life gets ugly before it gets beautiful...

My Review:

This book is full of it all: angst, humor, banter, sweetness, drama, baggage, love, name it. Jack and Cassie are a great couple. I enjoyed watching their relationship develop, though it was a bit fast for me. I recognize that they saw something in the other that they were drawn to. I just would have liked those moments to be drawn out a bit more for me as a reader. I love reading the falling-in-love parts, and these seemed quick, so I would have liked more. But I did enjoy the way Jack and Cassie's characters were developed and how natural a relationship they seemed to have.

I also enjoyed the secondary characters, especially Dean and Melissa. Sure, they weren't developed as deeply, but I loved the roles they played throughout the book.  I would especially like to see a book focused around Dean, because he seems like such a genuine guy.

Additionally, I loved the integration of Jack's love of baseball. I admit it. I am not a baseball fan. I can barely watch my kids play, let alone major league games. But reading about Jack's passion, and the scenes with Jack on the mound, were actually quite exciting. I loved how he loved baseball. So coming from someone who sees watching baseball as a form of torture, this is saying a lot!

As for plot progression, I was wondering where the book's direction was going since Jack and Cassie seemed so great together, and they seemed to fall in love quickly. Was this just going to be a sweet romance book? And trust me, I would have been fine with that. Well, I got my answer, and I wasn't happy about it. I saw it coming, wanted to reach inside the book to slap some people around, but just couldn't get to them before the chaos broke out. I do give Ms. Sterling props for going for it. I was reading along, in no real rush, just seeing where things went, and then BAM! I didn't want to put my book away after that. I HAD to know what was going to happen. It went from casual reading to edge-of-my-seat reading.

The last part of the book until the end brought many mixed emotions into play for me. I probably still have mixed feelings now. I won't give away any spoilers, but I respect how Ms. Sterling handled the different situations. I liked her pacing, and that the drama was crazy but the solutions still had to be worked for. I appreciate that she kept me wondering how things would all play out. And all I can say after that is that I enjoyed the epilogue, and then I see that she's writing a second book about Jack and Cassie, and I'm like, WHAT? I was pretty okay with how things turned out and have mixed feelings on the second book. I don't want a repeat of this book's issues. Other issues might be okay, because every relationship has its issues. Just no repeats, pretty please. But I do like Jack and Cassie, so I'm sure I'll read it.

I'm glad I gave Jack and Cassie's story a chance. Well played, Ms. Sterling.



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