Thursday, December 22, 2016

Review: Broken Souls by Stephen Blackmoore

Broken Souls by Stephen Blackmoore
(Eric Carter #2)
August 5, 2014
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
Contains: Violence, language

When necromancer Eric Carter returned to Los Angeles after fifteen years on the run he knew things were bad, but he never imagined how bad they could get. Sister murdered, best friend dead, married to the patron saint of death, Santa Muerte.

And things are just getting worse.

His link to the Aztec death goddess is changing his powers, changing him, and he’s not sure how far it will go. He’s starting to question his own sanity, wonder if he’s losing his mind. No mean feat for a guy who talks to the dead on a regular basis.

While searching for a way to break Santa Muerte’s hold over him, Carter finds himself the target of a psychopath who can steal anyone’s form, powers and memories. Identity theft is one thing, but the guy does it by killing his victims and wearing their skins like a suit. He can be anyone. He can be anywhere.

Now Carter has to change the game, go from hunted to hunter. All he has for help is a Skid Row Bruja and a ghost who’s either his dead friend Alex or Carter’s own guilt-fueled psychotic break.

If things go right, he just might survive a week where everything is trying to kill him and nothing is as it seems

Talk about a harrowing, action-packed journey! Eric Carter's little trip to speak with an old friend and get some advice turned into one death-defying situation after another. Still dealing with the after-effects of his sister's death, his best friend's death, and his marital deal with Santa Muerte, Eric gets another load of trouble thrown his way. There's a dude skinning people, for goodness sake! And I've got to say, trying to figure things out alongside Eric, sorting through the crazy, negotiating who can be trusted, and deciphering the truth, was an incredible ride. Being a necromancer and married to Santa Muerte doesn't leave room for a normal life. Eric is quite the character himself. He's this odd mix of good and bad, a jerk one moment, as much of a friend as he can be the next. I find his character very fascinating, and love his narration of this life-endangering journey. Plus, it takes place in L.A., which is where I'm from, so I absolutely loved all the different locations. One more thing I really love about this series is that I never quite know what's coming next. There are a ton of twists and turns, even down to the very end. My jaw dropped at the end of this one, and I can't wait to see what happens next to Eric Carter!

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