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Review: Staying For Good by Catherine Bybee

Staying For Good by Catherine Bybee
(Most Likely To #2)
January 24, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Women's Fiction 18+
Contains: language, sex

Zoe Brown may have been voted Most Likely to Never Leave River Bend, but the paper-thin walls and suffocating air of her family’s double-wide trailer were not what she wanted for her life. Other than BFFs Melanie and Jo, the only thing that kept Zoe sane during high school was her boyfriend, Luke.

She didn’t just leave, she escaped—turning her back on the shame of her black-sheep siblings and imprisoned dad. Now a celebrity chef in Dallas, she can afford all the things she never could have growing up. But when she returns to rustic, ruggedly beautiful River Bend, Zoe has to face all that she abandoned—including Luke.

While Luke was a refuge for Zoe in the past, he knows they inhabit totally different worlds now. Anchored by his parents and his job as a mechanic in his father’s shop, Luke never felt the urge to leave River Bend—until Zoe’s return.

But when the two rekindle their old flame, Zoe is forced to make the hardest decision of her life: remain in River Bend and confront her past before it destroys her, or say good-bye to everyone she’s ever loved…again, this time for good.

This is book two in the 'Most Likely To' series. Not only do we get a great romance in each book, but we are also following the interweaving lives of best friends Zoe, Melanie, and Jo, and the goings-ons in small town River Bend.

I'm loving being enveloped in life in River Bend. Not only is there so much going on with Zoe, Melanie, and Jo, but there is a cast of characters and circumstances that add so much to the continuity of this series. I took special enjoyment from Miss Gina and Zane's involvement in this story.

I also love the relationship between Zoe, Melanie, and Jo. These gals are so different, yet their bond has only grown stronger. I also love that each of their stories is important in each book. It makes me that much more attached and invested in this series.

But let's not forget the romance. A second chance romance. Now, I'm not always a fan of second chance romances, especially when they revolve around stupid misunderstandings and wasted years. But this one was completely understandable. Zoe left 10 years ago, and Luke stayed. But as we learn in this story, Zoe really had to leave. And Luke and Zoe talked before she left. There was no misunderstanding. But there was lost love, because as much as they loved each other, Zoe simply could not continue in River Bend. But life has given them a second chance, and now it's up to them if they are going to take it and handle the many obstacles in their way to get it.

I really enjoyed taking this journey with Zoe and Luke. They were really made for each other, they just had to discover themselves and find their way back to each other. Now getting to the end had a lot of crazy from Zoe's parents. I have to say, her father is despicable and her mother frustrated me to no end. With all that drama, I loved Zoe and Luke and knew things had to work out for them.

Now give me Jo's book. We've been getting bits and pieces about her, and I cannot wait to see how her story turns out.

Doing It Over #1
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  1. I am also not a fan of second chance romances when it seems like both people were just being stupid, but I'm glad this one was based on real conflict! Love when you find a book that you think you might not enjoy, but you do. Thanks for sharing!

    Alyssa @ Purple People Readers


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