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Review: Falling for June by Ryan Winfield

Falling for June by Ryan Winfield
June 30, 2015
336 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Gifted copy for Honest review

Elliot Champ, a charming but solitary bachelor who has sworn off romance, is closer than ever to realizing his childhood dream of moving to Miami—until a chance letter lands on his desk, and changes everything.

The letter takes him to Echo Glen, a secluded retreat outside of Seattle, where he meets David Hadley, an elderly man who needs Elliot’s help fulfilling a promise to his wife, June. But along the way, it is Elliot whose life will be changed, as he’s introduced to a cast of colorful characters who conspire to draw him ever deeper into a whimsical world, where falling in love is all about letting go.

From the green mountains of the great Pacific Northwest to the scarlet poppy fields of northern Spain, this unique and heart-wrenching love story will take you on an emotional journey to that ever-elusive place called true love. Another must-read romance from Ryan Winfield that is guaranteed to draw tears, put a smile on your face, and have you, too, falling for June.


Sorry, I had to get that out of the way. I can't even describe how much I loved 'Falling for June.' I was expecting a love story, given the title of this book. But what I got from this story went beyond my wildest imagination. 'Falling for June' is a gorgeous, touching, beautifully rendered story demonstrating what a gift it is to fall in love, to be in love, to love beyond fear or sickness or even death. Not only that, it is the inescapable beauty of friendship and kindness, compassion and comradery.

In this gorgeously written book, we follow Elliot Champ, solitary bachelor with big dreams of escape, as he goes about his life to finally gain his childhood dream. But plans often come to unexpected paths, as was the case when Elliot's job brought him to the doorstep of Echo Glen, and into the company of a charming, elderly gentleman named David Hadley. For Elliot, business today is not as-usual as he spends the afternooon with David learning about the charming, breathtaking, unforgettable love story between David and his wife, June. But what Elliot gains through this visit goes beyond a day and a story, and unexpectedly challenges the very depths of Elliot's life.

The beauty of this book was multi-layered, which is my very favorite type of book. Trying to avoid major spoilers, I will narrow down this book in a very small way. But this is only a brief taste of what this story entails. Just the tip of the iceberg.

*First of all, we get Elliot, our main protagonist, whom we learn about not only his present, but the foundation of his past that got him to where he is today and the reasoning behind his life's goals and dreams. Elliot is the perfect conductor of this story, with his combined reservations and vulnerability, and a heart of gold.

*Secondly, we get David and June's beautiful love story, released to us in a captivating tale that I could not get enough of. This tale revealed so much about David and June, about a history of life and love, and I'm still getting misty-eyed just thinking about it. I easily fell in love with them.

*Then, we get this newfound friendship between Elliot and David. Watching these two men from different generations bond and find a kindred spirit in the other was incredible. I'm getting misty-eyed again thinking about these lovely men.

*Lastly, we get Elliot's love story. Or potential love story, I should say. Because Elliot's world is thrown a bit on its head during this story, and we get to see how what he has learned about life and himself affects the choices he makes for his future.

I cannot praise 'Falling for June' enough. It's a new favorite of mine, and I've fallen in love with this beautiful story and its equally beautiful characters. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to follow endearing characters and a captivating storyline, who likes beautiful and engaging writing, who loves to fall in love with characters and wish they were sitting beside you. and who wants to be taken on a very special journey, that will leave you deeply touched and incredibly happy.


  1. Glad that you enjoyed this one, really interested to check this one out myself, the synopsis sounds great and I really liked your review!

    1. Thanks so much! As you can tell, I truly adored this book and cannot recommend it enough :)


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