Saturday, April 13, 2013

Book Signing: Indie Authors!!

I'm a bit of a book signing junkie, so I was super excited that such a great group of authors was visiting Los Angeles. Standing in line for three hours to meet them was completely worth it. I loved meeting these thirteen fabulous authors: Steph Campbell, Cora Carmack, Jillian Dodd, Rebecca Donovan, Abbi Glines, Colleen Hoover, Molly McAdams, Liz Reinhardt, Michele Scott, Jessica Sorensen, SC Stephens, Jenn Sterling, and Nicole Williams.
Not only did I get to chat with these lovely ladies about their books and about them and their trip, but I also got to take pics with some of them as well. And, seriously, they were all super sweet. It was a real treat to meet them (especially some of my favs!!).
Colleen Hoover!

Abbi Glines!

Rebecca Donovan!

Jenn Sterling!

Jessica Sorensen!
Cora Carmack!
I not only got to chat with thirteen lovely authors, but I got all these awesome books signed by them.  
And since I didn't have physical books for all the authors with me (as some were on my kindle), they were kind enough to sign this book bag for me. I'm still deciding on the label I'm going to put on the bag, but I love all the signatures.
Colleen Hoover, Michele Scott, Abbi Glines, Rebecca Donnovan, Nicole Williams, Jessica Sorensen
SC Stephens, Jenn Sterling, Cora Carmack, Molly McAdams, Jillian Dodd, Liz Reinhardt, Steph Campbell

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