Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Review: Shear Heaven by Katy Regnery

Shear Heaven by Katy Regnery
~a Modern Fairytale novella~
August 22, 2017
~Find on the Royally Mine anthology~

In this "Rapunzel" retelling, Bella Capelli, a hair stylist who works on the 32nd floor of the New York Metro Tower Hotel, meets His Serene Highness Prince Nico De'Medici, in town for the wedding of his twin sister, Valentina. Though the two come from vastly different worlds, and Nico is promised to another, the handsome prince can't seem to stay away from sweet Bella. After a whirlwind week of romance, will they manage to find their happily-ever-after?

SHEAR HEAVEN is a 30,000 word standalone novella based on "Rapunzel." Intended for readers 18+ due to scenes of graphic intimacy.

'Shear Heaven' was such a treat! This is a sweet novella that packs a heartfelt punch. I loved this creative twist on the story of Rapunzel. Bella is this lovely girl, inside and out, "trapped" in a tower, and Nico is this dashing prince, trapped in his life as well. When these two meet, the chemistry cannot be denied. But in true fairy tale form, there might be true love, but there are also true obstacles stacked against them. I found their story touching (seriously, they were so sweet and lovely and perfect for each other), and frustrating (because, you know, in every fairy tale there has to be a villain, and this one was a real meanie), and the perfect ending (awww, I love them!). Rapunzel and her sweet Prince were a delightful, romantic treat.

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