Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Book Review: Wall of Trust by AJ Prior

Wall of Trust
Wall of Trust by AJ Prior
March 14, 2014
231 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance 18+
(Contains: some strong language, sex)
Source: Personal purchase

Book Blurb:
If you don’t know his name, could he be Mr. Right? That’s the million-dollar question for twenty-six-year-old Casey Jacobs. The up-and-coming stylist whose talent speaks for itself, doesn’t have the same eye for men as she does fashion. So when a sexy mystery man wants to trade numbers, but not names, she’s more than a little skeptical. 
Wall of Trust is the enchanting modern-day romance by author AJ Pryor that explores whether you have to access a person’s identity to know his heart. When Casey meets a very attractive tech genius, she is keen to find out more about him. The catch: he’ll only divulge his name if she goes on a date with him. Still smarting from a past two-timing boyfriend, Casey is pretty sure the man with no name has something equally unsavory to hide. 
As their lives intertwine, a woman arrives on the scene who might just force Casey to end their deepening romance. Is it time to toss him aside like last season’s stilettos? Find out in this sweet, flirtatious read that’s brimming with fun and heart.
My Review:

This was a really enjoyable read. Quite a nice romantic escape and a great time spent reading. While Wall of Trust contained some elements typically found in this genre, there were several things that were well-written and added into the read, making it stand out for me, and making it just that much more enjoyable.

What did I like?
1. Great main characters with interesting career choices: Casey is a stylist in Los Angeles, and MJ is a tech genius. Both are likable, smart, thoughtful, and so fun to learn about, with just the right amount on mystery thrown in.

2. Loved their nicknames for each other: Speedy and Yoga Man. There are so many overused pet names out there, and AJ Prior managed to use two new names that completely fit these characters, fitting seamlessly into their relationship. And I loved their relationship.

3. Awesome cheesy love music: I loved how love songs were intertwined into the story. Any other time they would have felt cheesy, but here they felt perfect.

4. A twist that fueled the storyline but didn't overly angstify it (yes, I made up that word): I really enjoyed the build up of the relationship along with the secret MJ was keeping. It intensified the read just enough to keep me interested without wanting to throw my kindle.

5. The California setting is always special to me, and it was used wonderfully here. And then we get an epilogue, which I loved!

Overall, I really enjoyed this debut from AJ Prior, combining strong, likable characters with a sweet story and just the right blend of touching moments, angsty moments, sexy moments, and humor. It was a great romantic escape.

GOODREADS  *  AMAZON (99 cents now)

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