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Review: Love Bites by C.C. Wood

Love Bites by C.C. Wood
(Bitten #4)
April 20, 2015
249 pages
Genre: Paranormal Romance 18+
Contains: Explicit sex, strong language, violence
Source: eARC for Honest review

I didn’t think one night could change the course of my entire life.

With his piercing green eyes, Calder Atwood sees straight through my defenses. He’s more than sexy; he’s a werewolf. Though he says he wants more than a one night stand, I can’t believe him. I learned long ago that men lie, and I vowed not to follow in my mother’s footsteps, pining away for a man who doesn’t know the meaning of the word fidelity. The only way I trust myself not to break that promise is to avoid Calder completely.

Eluding him becomes impossible when I’m thrust into a world of danger and darkness. Despite my resistance, Calder forces his way into my life and my resolve weakens with each day we’re together. After an attack leaves me on the edge of death, I find myself bound to him, body and soul.

Now, I can’t walk away, regardless of how badly I yearn to do just that.

Love Bites is my favorite of the series so far. Is that because it's about Calder and Ricki? Maybe. I was first introduced to this series with Ricki and Calder's novella, One Little Bite, that appeared in the Shiver anthology. After getting a peek at them, I've been eager for the rest of their story ever since. But their story led me to this entire series, which has been fantastic.

But what makes this book so great is that it encompasses so much. I mean, it feels like this puppy has a bit of everything. And in a good way. First, we have Ricki and Calder's love story. From their previous novella, we know they had a one night stand. But Calder isn't about to settle for just one night. With a past like Ricki has, however, she is in no hurry to trust this werewolf who is all up in her life, and not to be deterred. Watching these two maneuver around and about each other, working through their issues - whether be control, trust, doubt, fear, attraction, love - and learn how to be a better, stronger couple was great. Plus, they are super sexy together.

I really loved getting to know Ricki and Calder on a deeper level, watching their two very different worlds collide, and then seeing how great they were together. Ricki, a no nonsense gal, tired of being hurt by the men in her life, but skittish of trustworthy men, had a habit of running, and not in the track and field sense. Calder, finding the woman he wanted, had to work through how to deal with the idiosyncrasies of the female human mind, which was no easy task. I loved watching him work so hard to be the best he could be, and win Ricki over. Calder was definitely a keeper. And when Ricki figured out how great he was, and let down her walls, she knew he was a keeper, too. Truly, Calder and Ricki together equals awesome.

Then, there's this whole Faction trying to take over the world thing. This isn't just some small footnote. Big things are happening here plotwise to the overall series. Great stuff. I won't give away anything. But I love the direction being taken. Uncovering all the crazy stuff happening with the prophecy, who can be trusted, who cannot, and what the heck is going to happen next - all exciting stuff. Add in the other couples, plus Lachlan and Chloe, and this story had so much goodness.

And then the ending! Ahh, it all came together and set up the future in one big swoop. Not only was this a great book, but it also left me with so much to look forward to. I loved this book - love, friendship, intrigue, intensity, mystery, suspense, hope, and all. This is such a great paranormal romance series, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

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