Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Review: Mr. 365 by Ruth Clampett

Mr. 365
Mr. 365 by Ruth Clampett
November 19, 2013
267 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Contains: sex and language
Source: Personal purchase

When reality show producer Sophia is assigned to convince Christmas fanatic Will to be on their holiday special, she imagines him to be an oddball momma’s boy wearing a reindeer Christmas sweater. What she doesn’t expect is the handsome, mysterious man who captures her attention, and seems determined to win her heart.

Their attraction is undeniable, and as charming Sophia convinces Will to work with her, she slowly unwraps the secrets in his past that make this determined and soulful man still yearn for the childhood he never had.

When the chaos of production starts, will Sophia be able to keep her promises to protect Will from being exploited, or will the bitter truth of reality television be a runaway train of disaster for both of them?

Join Sophia, Will and his dog Romeo to enter the world of his enchanting holiday house where stars shine indoors and snow is always falling…365 days of the year.

I was expecting a light, fluffy holiday read with Mr. 365. Instead I got a surprisingly deep and touching story that exceeded my expectations. Will is a year-round Christmas fanatic and Sophia is assigned by a reality show to produce a spot on his lifestyle. But unbenownst to both of them, the nice holiday special they are anticipating is slated with more sinister plans by Sophia's co-workers. This also puts a wedge into the budding relationship between Will and Sophia, who cannot resist their mutual attraction. Reality TV never ends well... or does it?

I found the development between Will and Sophia really sweet. Was it a bit insta-love? Well, sure. But it was super sweet nonetheless. I liked that they got to know each other on a deeper level than just the surface Christmas and reality show exteriors the world around them sees. Their chemistry and natural attraction, beyond the physical, was endearing. Getting to know Will and the reasons behind what he does was enchanting. We know right from the get-go that things are going to be bad before we can hope for a happily-ever-after, but the journey had some beautiful moments and I loved how close to them I felt throughout the story. By the end, I was completely enchanted by this thoughtful, considerate story of two people who really were meant for each other.

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