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Book Review & Tour: Light of the Moon

Light of the Moon (Legend of the Dreamer, #1)
Light of the Moon by David James
November 6, 2012
372 pages
Source: Review copy from the author*
Rating: Loved it!!

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Goodreads Summary:
Stars. Fire. Blood. Magic.

One night long ago, a constellation disappeared and fell from the sky in the form of a boy.

Secrets are being kept in the sleepy town of Lakewood Hollow, Colorado. Nothing but pools of blood and dripping words are left where bodies once were, and no one but Calum Wade seems to be worried. Life unfolds in shades of red for Calum, until a mysterious girl named Kate Black enrolls at his school and everything changes. Suddenly a dangerous world of dream demons, elemental enchanters, and blood witches unfurls before Calum. He learns that the stars have forever held his destiny, and that the constellations above are much more than what they seem. As Kate and Calum sink deep into a paranormal war, they realize that an ancient prophecy might hold the answers they seek. But life is not so easy for Calum, and he can feel his heart beat faster whenever Kate is close. Worse, Kate's blood holds a dark secret even more dangerous than the war between the demons and enchanters. Soon the two find that there are worse things than loving someone you shouldn't. For Calum and Kate, even love and the fiery power of stars may not be enough to break a curse as dark as the blood that binds their destiny.

A romantic story of true love and dark curses, LIGHT OF THE MOON will leave you breathless.
My Review:

I finished reading this yesterday and I'm still having a difficult time processing my thoughts. But I will tell you that this is a very good thing. I didn't know what to expect when I started reading this book, but I can tell you that right away I was impressed. The prologue itself completely sucked me in and I knew I was going to have a hard time putting down this book. And that was just the beginning. 

This is a story about a boy, Calum Wade, and the beginning of his journey to discovering who he is and what love is. But the thing is, Calum is the child of an angel and the Devil, but he doesn't know it. He also lives in a world far more complex and devastating than he imagined. This is a world of legend and prophecy, magic and mystery, secrets and turmoil, love and heart-break, blood and curses.

I really liked Calum. I instantly felt bonded to him. His hurt, his insecurities, his frustrations, his disappointment, his hope - I could feel all of it through the pages. At times I wanted to poke him with a stick to get him going, to break out of the reverie he had ensconced himself in for so long, but once he broke through, I liked him even more. He stayed true to himself, yet became better at the same time. I also really liked his friendship with Tyler, the honesty and genuine comraderie between them, and found it refreshing.

Kate Black is a tough girl, full of her own mystery and grief. I liked the role-reversal here, where Kate is this warrior who can kill you in the blink of an eye, who has the dark past and dark secrets, and Calum is the innocent and naive one. Yet once Kate started to let down her walls, I appreciated all the different aspects of her. I liked how her layers started to slowly peel away, though she still maintained herself.

The story itself is quite amazing. I still don't know that I completely comprehended it all, but that didn't detract from my enjoyment of the novel. This is a world of good versus evil, yet it intermingles the two, creating conflict and contrast, making the characters question what they thought the truths were and examine closely their prophesies and predictions. I love how we find out little details about Calum and Kate along the way. I was hopeful with their discoveries of love then shattered by wondering how things would work out.

I know I'm probably not making much sense, but I am withholding details because you just have to read them for yourself, spoiler-free, and enjoy this amazing story for yourself. I'm so glad there will be more books, because I have so many questions and also really want to know what happens to these characters next.

Lastly, let me say that David James has a way with words - the way he streams thoughts together, creates scenery with his verse, envelops your emotions in his prose. His writing style made this novel a step above the others. He didn't just write a story, he created an experience.

*I received this book from the author for my honest review.

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    1. You're welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it :)

  2. Awesome review Jenny! This book is amazing (mainly because of the HOT HOT cover model;) lol No, seriously it is because of the HOT HOT David James, who is an amazing writer! We certainly don't mind sharing Aussie Gabriel with him!

  3. Awesome review Jenny! This book is amazing (mainly because of the HOT HOT cover model;) lol No, seriously it is because of the HOT HOT David James, who is an amazing writer! We certainly don't mind sharing Aussie Gabriel with him!


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