Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Book Signing: Beautiful Redemption

It's release day for Beautiful Redemption! I had the pleasure of attending their book signing tonight (along with my kids who behaved beautifully, thank goodness). The fabulous authors, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, were there, and entertaining as always. We were also treated with two of the actors from the upcoming Beautiful Creatures movie: Alden Ehrenreich who plays Ethan Wate and Rachel Brosnahan who plays Genevieve Duchannes.

Kami, Rachel, Margaret, and Alden
This is the last book of the Caster Chronicles, so it is bittersweet. But I am also very excited to see how it all ends. I've read the first two books and really liked them. I am also a sucker for a good male POV, and Ethan is terrific. I had been holding out on reading the third book until Beautiful Redemption came out. But now I really just want to reread the first two and then read the whole series straight through, fully engrossing myself in the Caster world and the South. So that is my plan before the movie comes out.

The movie comes out on February 13, 2013. Yay!!!!
Speaking of the movie...I was already excited about the movie, but listening to Kami and Margie speak and then to hear the actors and their zeal...well, I am super-duper excited now. Pictures on the internet don't always translate to what someone is like in person. But seeing and listening to Alden makes me happy about their choice for him as Ethan. He's a cutie and I'm very excited for his role as Ethan. My 12 year old son, who loves book signings, asked if he could read Beautiful Creatures. He's used to listening to a lot of female authors at most of our signings. So when he heard Alden talking about his role as Ethan and his take on the book and movie, my son was all onboard for reading the book (and then, of course, he wants to see the movie).

Run out and grab your copy of Beautiful Redemption and get ready for the Beautiful Creatures movie!

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