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Book Review & Tour: Alex's Destiny

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Racing to Love:  Alex's Destiny (Racing to Love, #4)
Alex's Destiny by Amy Gregory
(Racing to Love #4)
October 28, 2013
243 pages
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
(contains: sexual references, strong language)
Source: eARC from author for Honest review

Book Blurb:
Her destiny was written for her, long before she was ever born. She embraced it, wanting nothing more than to give everything within her back to the sport in which she was considered royalty. Her family’s legacy would live on, revered by all. And she thrived on the long work days she spent teaching at the academy her blood was tied to. Alexandra Sterling needed that dirt track as much as she needed her next breath.

That same track was the one that drew in a young student years before. Alex had given her heart away the day they met, knowing that he belonged to only her. For years she’d waited, knowing without a single doubt that he’d make her his when the time was right.

But…she’d never asked Dallas if he felt the same way.
Her hurt leaves her vulnerable, her days dark and her instincts dulled. After one night of hell, Alex is lost. Her world is crumbling around her, and without her lifeline and best friend beside her anymore, there’s nothing to keep her from sinking with it.

Dallas Hunter is a pro rider on the motocross circuit, following in the footsteps of his father Eli. For Dallas, it’s always been Alex, but he’s kept his feelings locked away out of fear, his love for their family, his biggest obstacle.
One short and chilling phone call to her puts him on high alert. Knowing something is terribly wrong sends him racing across the country, back home, back to her. But what he finds almost kills him.

Now he’s watching her slip away right before his very eyes. Figuring out how to help Alex before it’s too late, might turn out to be harder than any race he’s ever ridden. And he has to do it with his team and sponsors screaming at him from the other side, trying to pull him back to the world he’s dedicated his entire life to.

Dallas knows he has to help his best friend, the woman he loves…and do it without tearing his family apart.
My Review:
After reading this entire series, I must place it among my favorites. I love this "family" and the incredible and beautiful bonds they have, the way they overcome hardships, the way they unconditionally love each other; their hearts and love abound. While each book in the series can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend reading them all and in order. There is a certain build-up and flow of characters that completely captured me and had me inhaling each book. Alex's Destiny is the final book, and possibly the best and pinnacle book of the series (though each book and it's characters holds a special place in my heart).
Here we get the story of Alexandra (Alex) and Dallas, whom we were introduced in Eli's Honor when they were children. Now they are all grown up, having been best friends for twenty years, and are in that awkward position of loving each other but not knowing how the other feels, and not being sure of how or if they should take their dynamic to the next level, having grown up in this "family" type of atmosphere.
This story is full of heartbreak and hurt as Alex and Dallas must face their fears, misunderstanding, rejections, and then tragic circumstances that bring all their feelings to the forefront. Without disclosing what happened, I will say that the author handled a sensitive situation beautifully and compassionately. Watching the healing process, the love and hope, was truly touching. And with the difficult moments, she infused such sweet, tender, and even humorous moments, and I completely fell in love with Alex and Dallas's story. They are such heartfelt characters, and their story was beautifully handled.
Along with Alex and Dallas, we get glimpses and pieces of all of our favorites from the previous books, as well as a few new ones. I just love this group of people and the family they created. I'm so glad we get to see bits of them throughout the years, as this series is spread out over a few decades, which makes it just that much more special. Plus, the epilogue really brought things full circle from the first book, and I love the vision that the author must have had when she planned this series and how well designed the whole thing was.
Bottomline: I loved the Racing to Love series. I ate it up, flying through the books. If you love a book (or series) full of colorful characters you can't help but fall in love with; characters who race hard and love harder; stories with heart, humanity, and hope; then I highly recommend this series. And Alex's Destiny is the cream of the crop of the bunch. It's definitely a series I look forward to re-reading.

My only wish is that there were more books. But Mike, Carter's brother, has his own book now called Mike's Way Back, the first of a new series. I already grabbed it, read it, loved it, and look forward to more from that series. And yes, we get cameo appearances from a few characters from the RTL series. Yay!


About the Author

When asked ‘when do you have time to write’, Amy Gregory simply laughs. The real answer is, “in bits and pieces”. She and her husband live in Kansas City with their three fantastic kids that keep them running in three very different directions. Because she sits so much, she always carries a notebook with her at all times. She has an off the wall, snarky, off the cuff sense of humor that often shocks even those who’ve known her for years. And she loves that her children have all been blessed that ability to make others laugh as well. At least she’s grateful most of the time! Her husband often teases her about how she “makes this stuff up” when he’s reading a piece of her work. … The answer—“it just comes to me when I’m typing”. Scary thought, huh!
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  1. Jenny,
    Wow...first off, I am completely humbled that you not only read, but took the time to review each book! Totally 100% grateful for your time, as I know it's as valuable! Second, thank you for understanding and loving my eclectic family. I've gotten so attached to them, I just want to cheer from the roof tops when someone else gets them! I can't thank you enough!

    1. It was an absolute pleasure and I meant every word I said. I love this eclectic family you created, every book was a treat, and I look forward to more with your other series and re-reading this one :)


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