Thursday, December 26, 2013

Book Review: Snow Day

Snow Day: Heart of the Storm\Seeing Red\Land's End
Snow Day (Novella collection) by Shannon Stacey, Jennifer Greene, Barbara Dunlop
December 31, 2013
Harlequin publishing
Genre: Adult Romance
(contain: sexual content)
Source: eARC from publisher for Honest review
Book Blurb:
Tucker's Point three-day forecast:  stormy with a chance of romance. Prepare to be...

HEART OF THE STORM by Shannon Stacey

Brody Rollins is back in tiny Tucker's Point, Maine, for the first time in five years, and now he can't escape...from former neighbours, old regrets or maddening glimpses of his ex-fiancée.

SEEING RED by Jennifer Greene

Stranded at her grandfather's seaside cottage, Whitney Carr prepares to face the blizzard alone. But unexpected help soon arrives-in the form of her secret high-school crush.

LAND'S END by Barbara Dunlop

Tessa Ambroise is desperate to ditch the charming, infuriating hotelier circling her late aunt's century home like a vulture. But the snow piling up outside the mansion puts both their plans on hold.

When a child goes missing, this perfect storm of cramped quarters and freezing temperatures brings old flames and new acquaintances closer together...but will they go separate ways once the sky clears?
My Review:

These three novellas, though written by different authors, each take place during the same storm in Tucker's Point and have references to same of the same characters. I thought that was a really nice way to get a taste of each author's writing, but still maintaining a certain continuity to the stories. Overall, the stories were enjoyable, some more than others, and were a nice seasonal read.

Heart of the Storm:
Sweet second chance romance that takes on one man's decisions in the past about his fears of the future and dislike of his hometown. But those fears and struggles, while causing him to start his life over, also caused him to leave behind the love of his life. I really enjoy Shannon Stacey's writing style. While this plot is nothing new, it's Stacey's writing and captivating characters that really made this an enjoyable read. Though I was hurt right alongside Delaney about Brody's ability to throw away their relationship, I was able to see more of the big picture as time went on, and felt really drawn into the tension and possibilities of their relationship. Really enjoyed this one.

Seeing Red:
This was another second chance romance. It was not my favorite of the bunch, probably because ten years have passed and the ultimate reason for the separation was a little lack-luster. Whitney's bravado in the beginning was quickly dissipated. I would have liked a little more fight from her. I did like the characters and the situation of the scenes. They had a certain sweetness and tenderness about them. The writing itself was also good.

Land's End:
Another second chance romance, but I liked that not as much time had passed this time. I also liked that this couple had a unique set of "problems." While the couple themselves are not two individuals I would say I loved, their story made for really interesting reading. I also like a story with an interesting group of characters. This could easily have been a story with a few people, but the author threw a bunch in, and it made for a nice mix in the reading. Tessa I did find very annoying in that she couldn't, or wouldn't, just speak her mind clearly. The resolution was a bit odd, but I still really enjoyed this one.

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